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Vaginne is a refreshing Intimate Gel which enables every woman to experience natural cleanliness and comfort in their most intimate parts.


Great news to all the Ladies, Women, and Mothers. IMMERcare – VAGINNE refreshing intimate gel gives you great comfort you desire by using the complete dosage of X12 plunger (2 Full Packs)

It’s a great product that remains effective in your body system for more than 3 years after your first use of the complete dosage.

VAGINNE refreshing intimate gel enables every woman to experience natural cleanliness and comfort in the Vagina area.

VAGINNE is made with natural plant essential oil that keeps you refreshed all day, flaunting that natural fragrance from inside out. VAGINNE – Inhibits bad bacteria, promotes the growth of good bacteria, and maintains the balance of flora, raising the self-cleaning mechanism. It also contains the following essential ingredient such as

*Antibacterial Peptide           *Immuno Peptide           *Natural Organic Acid

*Anti-bacterial effect              *Seaweed Extract

Vaginne helps to repair the tissues around the vagina are in the following Steps:

Upon application, the hyaluronic acid gel permeates and covers the vagina evenly

There is a sustained release of nutrients for more than 8 hours. The product exhibits high viscosity and low fluidity which allows it to strongly adhere to the vaginal mucous and epithelial tissues to promote absorption and repair.

The vaginal mucosa absorbs available nutrients and the vaginal pH is then autoregulated. The product offers long-lasting protection and repair to damaged tissues in the vagina, cervix, and uterus. There is no need to wash the vagina after use.

It can rapidly replenish essential nutrients, provide lubrication and a moisturizing effect, enhance vaginal elasticity, boost immunity, and the self-healing power of the vagina and uterus to fill your life with more passion.

It initiates and restores the normal function of the ovary, stimulates the secretion of estrogen to slow down the aging process, delay or help manage menopausal symptoms, and maintain a healthy female reproductive system for a long time.


Vaginne is an Intimate Gel that:

*Takes care of the female reproductive environment

*Takes care of any kind of vagina infection

*Tightens the vagina

*It’s a good sex lubricant

*It eliminates foul vagina odour

*It increases female libido

*It helps women with infertility issues arising within the female reproductive environment

*It ensures the woman is sweet for her man with vaginne, the man is happy, the woman is happier

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