• Century 100Watt Century Step Down Transformer

    Century Step Down Transformer is designed to reduce the voltage from the
    primary winding to the secondary winding. This kind of transformer
    “steps down” the voltage applied to it. As a step-down unit, the
    transformer converts high-voltage, low-current power into low-voltage,
    high-current power. The larger-gauge wire used in the secondary winding
    is necessary due to the increase in current.

  • Elepaq 4.3KVA Manual Start Generator SV7200 – Aluminium Coil

    This ELEPAQ Generator is exactly what you need in your home and office to guarantee stable power supply. 

    It features an electric and recoil starting system which does not give any form of hassle when you want to start the generator. 

    It has a simple operation and can power most of your home appliances and electronics. 

    features a single cylinder, 4 stroke and sufficient engine power which
    makes it capable of handling most of your household appliances and more

    It features a voltage
    regulator which offers superior protection to your appliances; this
    makes it a very reliable generator to have. For stable and uninterrupted
    power supply in your home and office, turn to the ELEPAQ Generator. 

    It features an impressive 15 Litre fuel tank which ensures longer hours of power. 

    is also energy efficient so fuel is not consumed rapidly. It has a
    portable build which ensures it does not take up a considerably amount
    of space wherever it is intended to be used.

  • Elepaq SV2200 1.8KVA Manual Start Generator – Yellow

    Elepaq range of fuel-efficient generators enable a smooth transition
    between power outages. A must-have for homes, offices or factories, they
    power your appliances and ensure their longevity with stable voltage
    that protects them from power fluctuations. Available in different KV
    capacities and always easy to maintain.

  • Lutian Ecological Generator 3.5KVA – LT3990E – Key Start

    the new and improved Lutian Ecological Series 3.5KVA Generator –
     LT3990E. It is highly efficient and guarantees stable voltage
    regulation for the effective and smooth running of all your electronic
    devices.‎ This key start generator works for both domestic and
    commercial purposes. It runs on petrol and has a tank capacity of 15

    its fantastic fuel economy, this semi-silent generator faultlessly
    expresses the beauty of design peculiar to the Lutian brand.

  • Maxtron 2KVA Automatic Voltage Stabilizer – 2000VA AVR

    2KVA Stabilizer is an Automatic Voltage Regulator with several levels of
    voltage stabilization which  provides a
    targeted response to under-voltages, over-voltages and severe brown-outs.  It corrects brown-outs as low as 100V and
    over-voltages as high as 270V to a safe 220V output power.

    ‘s advanced micro-processor control unit ensures comprehensive protection of
    connected appliances from high current, low current and short-circuit.  This AVR also features overload and over-heat

    The surge
    suppression feature helps to prevent even the strongest surges from damaging
    your valuable electronic appliances.

    The Maxtron 2000VA AVR’s
    compact cabinet and 1.5m cord make it easy to integrate into a wide range of
    applications: television, refrigerators, desktop computer, home theaters and
    more.  The two multi-socket  AC outlets provide ample capacity for
    connected equipment.

  • Nexus 1500VA Digital Stabilizer With AVR Function

    Nexus AVR1000 Voltage Regulator 1500VA is the ideal stabilizer for
    every household. It is affordable, easy to use and durable too. It is an
    AC automatic voltage regulator or stabilizer with 1500VA voltage.

    Nexus Voltage Regulator AVR1500 features an easy delay function button.
    It saves energy and also prevents damage to your electrical appliances.

  • Sumec SUMEC FIRMAN 4.5kva Generator With Key And Tyre 100%Cooper

    AC Output

    DC Output 12V/8.3A
    Phase No. Single Phase
    Engine SPE200E,Max6.5HP,4-stroke single cylinder, OHV, air cooled
    Alternator Brush,self exciting, synchronous,2-pole,100% Copper Enameled Wire
    Starting System Recoil/Electric
    Fuel Tank Capacity 15L
    Fuel Petrol

    Run Time per Tankful

    Low Oil Warning System

    Firman 45kva 100%Copper is equipped with a low oil warning system. The
    low oil warning system continuously monitors the oil level in your
    generator’s crankcase, automatically shutting down the engine if oil
    level falls below safe limits.

    This can save your generator from serious engine damage, but always ensure oil is within safe limit before starting a generator.

    Even more features

    Starter with key Fuel meterVolt meter-float Carburetor Brush type
    Alternator Portability Kit with handle and wheels Engine model: SPE 200E –
    6.5hp 196cc engine Battery: 12v, 7.5AhPower factor: 1Pilot Lamp
    indicates that your Sumec Firman generator is working properly Fuel
    sediment cup: The fuel sediment cup prevents dirt and/or water from
    flowing from the fuel tank to the carburetor



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