Preparing for School After the Pandemic

back to school after pandemic

Preparing for School After the Pandemic

1) Prepare mentally and emotionally

Work on your focus and confidence. In preparing for school after the pandemic, you need to think about how you will deal with school and plan to focus or pay more attention to school activities. It is okay to feel uninterested after the long pandemic break which has revealed other aspects of life and the environment to you but your education matters and you need to prepare for the new atmosphere in School for ultimate success.

2) Be ready to put in more time to learn, unlearn and relearn

During the pandemic break, if you have not been spending time to study and learn new things, you will need more time to firstly freshen up on previous knowledge then build on the existing knowledge for better assimilation of new concepts, so you will need more time. Also, technology has overtaken the norm and ways of doing things such as education, shopping, etc in the last few months and you will need to learn new ways of doing things.

3)Have a review on what you previously learnt

As an important part of going back to school and not feeling you are in a strange world, having a review of what you had learned before the pandemic will revitalize your mind to learn new things.

4)Ensure your projects are completed

Try as much as possible to complete all the projects you had before and during the pandemic. A lot will be done once you resume back to school and it is wise to try as much as you can to complete all projects with the little time left.

5)Get all essentials that you will need

Buy some new stationary for school such as a lunch box, pen, highlighter, eraser, pencil, pencil sharpener, backpack, glue, mathematical set, calculator etc. Click here for good deals on back to school stationery and essentials.

6)Set new schedule or routine

You need to set a new routine or schedule on what you have to do and how you have to do it. Plan study time, leisure, and other paramount activities. You need to do this to balance things up to achieve your set goal.

7)Use class time wisely

If you have extra time left after a particular class, use it wisely. Go over what was taught and attempt exercises and classwork or assignments. Use the time left to interact and ask questions on what was not clear to you during the time of the lesson. Optimize this time and get the best out of it.


It is okay to feel tense about the unknown and wonder what will be obtained after a long break especially if you are resuming to write an examination. However, being tense will not help. Instead, channel the energy on preparing for the challenge. Do what is required of you to relax.

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