11 Key Tips to Shop Online

Tips for shopping online
  1. Know exactly what you want to buy
    Sometimes, we browse through various e-commerce website to view items and their prices; this is fine if that is just the purpose. Otherwise, for a successful shopping experience, you need to know exactly what you want to buy then you can search, scan, and browse through items to get your perfect or close match. This will make things easy and fast for you.
  2. Shop on the right day
    Special seasons has a special product with special discount. Shopping during a good period gives you an edge in terms of availability of the product and good price. Be sure you explore this opportunity whenever you want to shop.
  3. Be sure you trust the online store
    Trust is vital when thinking of where to buy online. You wouldn’t want to throw your money away or end up being scammed. Ensure you trust their services, you can channel a complain and be attended to when you encounter a problem and be sure you are not talking to a robot.
  4. Confirm the site has SSL encryption
    SSL means secure socket layer. A website with SSL encryption looks like https://quikshopa.com while that without SSL encryption looks like http://notsecure.com.
    The “s” in the “http” makes it secure. Also, a locked padlock before the web address shows it is secure while an unlocked one shows it is insecure. Watch out for this.
  5. Do not give too many information than required
    Information such as your name, email address, phone number and home address for delivery is enough information on an e-commerce site. Personal and sensitive information such security pin should not be disclosed on any e-commerce site.
  6. Shipping fee
    This is important to consider. The shipping fee should not be pretty high or go beyond the norm. Although shipping fee depending on location. Visit https://shop2ship.com/shipping-calculator/ for international shipping fee calculation and https://kxpress.ng/ for local shipping fee calculator.
  7. Delivery time
    Delivery time should be fair. It shouldn’t take forever to get your order. The delivery time is often stated on the e-commerce website. Be sure to check out for this before you order an item to be sure you will get it as soon as you wish.
  8. Return policy
    Always find out the conditions for which an item you will purchase can be returned.
  9. Use the cart
    The practice of using the cart is advisable. This makes it easy to go buy to the item you come across while shopping and pay for it at a later time instead of searching all over again. This makes things easy for you.
  10. Confirm your balance after payment
    As much as you trust the website, it is important to confirm payment and the balance after payment to avoid a duplicate transaction.
  11. Always keep a copy of your receipt or order for your record in case of necessity

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